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Buying Online Property in Turkey – An Ultimate Guide in 2023

In 2023, buying online property in Turkey is now easier than ever. With the introduction of online property purchasing, potential buyers can view and purchase real estate without ever leaving their homes. Thanks to technological advances, such as video communication apps like Whatsapp, Video Call, Facetime, Viber, and Skype, potential buyers can virtually tour properties and make decisions quickly and confidently – all from the safety of their homes. Using these new tools, those looking for a great investment opportunity can now easily purchase properties abroad. 


In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about buying online property in Turkey, such as: how online property marketplaces work, the legal requirements for foreigners wanting to buy property, and what it takes to register the completed transaction. So without further delay, let’s get started. 

Steps for Buying Online Property in Turkey

Following are the guidelines that will help you buy online property in turkey. 

1. Make Your Wish List: 

Research the property that best meets your needs online. Look for information about the location, size, and property amenities. Take notes on all the properties you would like to consider, then narrow it down to a few that you are seriously interested in.

2. Property Info: 

Once you have narrowed your choice of properties, contact our representative for more detailed information, such as the full description of features and benefits, deed restrictions, and payment options. You can also check if there are any tax or other incentives available or inquire about local regulations that may affect your purchase decision.

3. Online Viewing Tour: 

Arrange an online viewing tour with the our representative using video conferencing technology like Zoom or Skype. That will allow you to get a better look at the property and ask questions about it in real time. Before making your decision, thoroughly inspect all important documents related to the property, such as ownership papers and deed restrictions, as part of the due diligence process before buying a Turkish property online.

4. Make Your Decision: 

Once you have completed your research and inspection process, weigh out all the pros and cons of each potential property purchase and decide which is right for you based on your budget, lifestyle needs, plans, etc.

5. Negotiation: 

Contact us to negotiate a price or favorable payment terms if necessary. But remember that most sellers will only accept prices below market value if they are under certain financial pressure, so don’t expect too much flexibility here if not offered upfront by them initially upon the inquiry/viewing tour stage.

6. Sales Contract: 

After both parties have agreed on terms and conditions related to price and payment structure, prepare a legally binding sales contract with our legal advisors to smooth the transaction process.

7. Payment: 

After completing the sales contract, make arrangements for payment through bank transfer .

8. Title Deed Procedure: 

Complete the title deed procedure to transfer title deed documents from current owners to new owners by applicable laws, allowing buyers to purchase Turkish real estate remotely without needing to visit the country. That allows buyers to experience lifestyle opportunities virtually while complying with applicable laws and providing safe access to the property.

Recent Update About Buying a Property in Turkey

Recent updates about buying a property in Turkey, such as for residence permit applications lodged after 10 February 2022, indicate that certain areas of Istanbul no longer qualify for residence permits due to the foreign population reaching the 25% maximum limits. This limitation applies to all residence permits, including those applied for through property purchases or citizenship, students or schools, family, or marriage. It is important to consider this when exploring real estate options in these regions to ensure that you obtain a valid residence permit.

Advantages of Buying a Property in Turkey Through Virtual Tours

Virtual tours provide numerous advantages to those looking to buy property in Turkey remotely. By taking a virtual tour of the properties, buyers can inspect the features and amenities of each property at their own pace and from the comfort of their own homes. That eliminates the need for a physical visit, saving time and allowing prospective buyers to compare multiple properties and narrow their choices more efficiently.


A virtual tour can access detailed descriptions, videos, photographs, and even 3D simulations of each property. These things give potential buyers an accurate picture of the layout and design of each property they are considering. In addition, they can check out key features such as landscaping and frontage designs and view each room in detail.


Another major benefit is that virtual tours allow potential buyers to understand the local area surrounding any given property. Moreover, you can get detailed information on public transport links, nearby educational facilities, shops, or restaurants through digital media tools during the tour. That helps buyers decide based on their lifestyle needs before they even set foot in the house they hope to purchase.


One of the most crucial advantages is that virtual tours provide peace of mind by connecting potential buyers with experienced real estate professionals who can remotely answer any queries about buying property in Turkey. Direct access to reliable advice helps eliminate many doubts and fears about buying property without viewing it firsthand. Buyers can save on viewing costs such as accommodation and travel expenses.

Is It Secure to Buy Online Property in Turkey?

It is indeed safe to buy online property in Turkey. The Turkish government has taken great measures to ensure the process remains secure and transparent for buyers and sellers. Buyers can benefit from the e-signature system, which allows them to complete transactions using digital documents – eliminating the need for physical signatures and reducing the chances of fraud or other suspicious activity. Additionally, since 2016 all real estate agents have been required by law to be registered with the government, providing buyers with an extra layer of protection when making online purchases. Buyers should also ensure that they are dealing with a reputable agent or company that can provide detailed information regarding their purchase. Considering these precautions, buying property online in Turkey is generally safe and reliable.


So, buying a property in Turkey online can be an exciting and rewarding experience. With a well-researched approach and careful consideration of the legal implications and regulations, international buyers can rest assured that their investment is safe and secure. Before committing to any purchase, potential buyers should consult a lawyer specializing in Turkish real estate law. That will ensure all legal requirements are met and all necessary paperwork is completed correctly. Additionally, with Turkey’s competitive market prices, accessible location, and vibrant culture, there is no doubt that purchasing property online in Turkey can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

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